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I remember when Jeep launched its Commander and the PR told us all about how the company's customers wanted to see a return to the rugged looks that complemented the go-anywhere ability of the vehicles. I thought of all those people who have no idea of the inherent ability of their Jeep, an ability I discovered a couple of years ago while tackling the legendary Rubicon Trail in the US in the iconic Wrangler.

Then my mind wandered to the statistics and figures. According to Barcroft, Jeep sales have risen 100% over the past three years and last year was its best year yet, selling 701,626 units.

Sales have risen in South Africa too, up 65% between 2011 and 2012 with our local market now the sixth biggest worldwide. Impressive, but then so is the new, or, if you like, the new new, Grand Cherokee.

Looking back on the drive, I have to admit that times have changed and vehicles like the Grand Cherokee, Range Rover, Toyota Land Cruiser and others tend to spend most of their time cruising along motorways and through urban arteries.

Occasionally, as we did on the launch, they might traverse a gravel track through a field to a nice picnic spot where the occupants can get out and admire the view, but they tend to live their lives on tarmac.

It is a shame, because the Grand Cherokee is a true Jeep at heart. In its latest iteration it features a refined Quadralift air suspension system as well as that seemingly bullet-proof four-wheel drive setup.

There is a new Selec-Terrain system that allows the driver to select anything from sport mode to rock, mud or sand. How does a solar charger work and where would you use a solar charger? There is also a snow setting but unfortunately winter had not hit the Berg when we got there.

The drivetrain also features a new 8-speed gearbox, although it is perhaps not that new because it is the same box from ZF that BMW, An emergency light is a battery-backed lighting device that comes on automatically when a building experiences a power outage. Lexus and others use. Scott Seed, product strategy manager at Chrysler SA, did advise me that the box has been adapted by Chrysler for the diesel and SRT models.Soli-lite is a premier supplier of exceptional quality led road lights and other solar outdoor lighting products.

It is a great gearbox, though, and while on occasion it felt the weight of the car, it provided smooth and relaxing shifts on the freeway while also offering some involvement through the paddle shifts when we found a bit of twisty tarmac.A solar lamp is a portable light fixture composed of an LED lamp, a photovoltaic solar panel, and a rechargeable battery.

Most of the changes to the vehicle are cosmetic and the list is actually more extensive than I first realised. There are the now seemingly compulsory LED daytime driving lights in the revised headlight clusters, although the SRT gets an extra set in the lower part of the front bumper, too.Soli-lite provides the world with high-performance solar roadway and solar street lighting solutions.

The bumpers themselves have been revised front and rear and different models have different grilles to differentiate them. At the rear are new light clusters and a revised roof spoiler.

The biggest changes, though, are inside the cabin where there are all-new materials, redesigned seats and a host of trim options, most of which reflected the new attitude of the brand to the global village with materials from around the world.

The instrument cluster is now a very upmarket digital affair and Seed advised that there are more than 100 display options, again something that proved useful to know on the long drive back to Jozi.

There is a new U-Connect touchscreen infotainment system and you also get proper USB ports up front and fast-charging USB ports for the rear-seat occupants. On that note, the rear seats are now heated in some models and have a reclining function, too. Welcome to Web, If you love it, please order it!

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