Plessey lights up Plymouth City Council with GaN-on-Si LEDs

4. července 2013 v 7:43 |  LED downlight
Plessey is working closely with Plymouth City Council, UK, to help achieve the Council's ambitious carbon reduction strategy for all their managed buildings and infrastructure.

The firm is replacing the existing fluorescent lighting in Douglass House with solid-state LED luminaires that combine design and lighting excellence with extraordinary energy savings.

Plessey recently launched what it claims is the first commercially available GaN-on-silicon LEDs. Grown on 6 inch silicon substrates, and utilising the firm's MAGIC technology, they emit up to 350mW.

Cheaper than LEDs grown on sapphire or SiC, Plessey says its GaN-on-silicon LEDs use a much thinner GaN layer at only 2.5μm compared to 6 to 8μm in other GaN-on-silicon technologies. The technology was transferred from Colin Humphrey's group at Cambridge University.

These HB LEDs are being designed into replacement products as well as architectural lighting, street lighting, commercial lighting and medical applications Plessey's MAGIC technology delivers industry-standard performance at a dramatically reduced cost of manufacture.

For next generation products, Plessey intends to integrate its MAGIC HBLED products with its EPIC sensor technology to provide smart lighting solutions for even greater energy savings and carbon footprint reductions.

Plessey's latest solid-state LED lighting solution to be employed in Plymouth, will enable carbon reduction through energy efficiency as well as eliminating replacement costs with fixtures with a 30 year life. The new lighting solutions will create a better working environment for employees and visitors to experience at Douglass House.

Cabinet Member for Finance, Councillor Mark Lowry, says, "Plessey Semiconductors is a local business pioneering a new innovative product which has huge growth potential. We are keen to support their research into their latest lighting product, which is designed to reduce carbon emissions and save money, by providing a test bed for them. If successful, this could bring with it huge investment and job opportunities into the city."

Neil Harper, Plessey's LED business unit director, adds "We are excited to be able to work with Plymouth City Council and to play a key role in this first pilot project. Our solid-state Led ceiling light solution helps Plymouth City Council create a better working environment as well as contributing aggressively towards achieving their ambitious targets for cost and performance efficiencies. We are looking forward to continuing the development programme with our partners at Plymouth City Council."

This breakthrough will enable much faster adoption of LED implementation in both commercial and residential market segments. The joint development programme with Plymouth City Council is a cornerstone of Plessey's pledge to help create better use of the limited resources available on our planet.


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