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In line with its initiative to further enhance lives in Africa, Royal Philips is currently undertaking its fourth pan-African Cape Town to Cairo roadshow. The roadshow, which visited Nigeria for the third time, made a stop in Lagos and Abuja recently.

Speaking at a press briefing during the roadshow in Lagos, Executive Vice President and Chief Market Leader of Royal Philips, Ronald de Jong, explained that with an Africa-relevant product portfolio and a strong historical presence on the continent, the road show, which will run in 18 cities across 17 countries between May 14 and September 23, will see Philips visit boost its commitment to significantly expand its business footprint in Africa in the coming years.

According to him, Philips entered Africa over a century ago and has a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of the African market as well as the key challenges facing Africa today.

He explained that the Philips team engaged in dialogue with customers, governments, NGOs and media on the key challenges facing Africa today during the roadshow and noted the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 4 and 5 aimed at reducing child mortality rates and improving maternal health as a main focus of this year's roadshow.
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He said: "With clinical education and training programs for African healthcare professionals and through large scale healthcare revitalisation projects, Philips helps to improve standards of care.

"In Lagos, during a course of two days, Philips will train over 100 local healthcare professionals at LASUTH on fetal monitoring, infant warming, jaundice management and clinical ultrasound. The aim is to provide ongoing training to midwives, maternity nurses, obstetricians and ultrasound practitioners to provide equitable and sustainable basic health services to all - particularly mothers and children."

He added that Philips has introduced a reliable, innovative technology for safer childbirths; an ultrasound and infant warming/ thermo regulation solutions specifically designed for care providers across the wide variety of clinical environments in Africa.

The new 110-acre business park, which sits right behind the Cambridge Toyota plant, will be full serviced by the end of October. Early in the design process, a workshop was held to collect ideas on how to incorporate green or sustainable features into the infrastructure and building design.

Those features included things like LED street lighting, trails for hiking and biking, improved storm water management, special regard to the site's natural features and accommodation for solar gain through the way the streets were oriented.

He further noted that Philips has also introduced the ClearVue 650, a new advanced imaging ultrasound system with Auto Face Reveal facilitating the visualisation of the baby's face, possibly enhancing parental-fetal bonding.

Speaking further, the Senior Vice President & CEO Philips Africa, Van Dongen, explained that the need for energy-efficient lighting, mother and child care and the revitalisation of African healthcare infrastructure are key pillars along which Philips develops meaningful innovations for its African customers.

According to him, the roadshow highlighted the benefits of Philips' LED lighting and solar solutions which offer energy efficient, cost effective and reliable on- and off-grid illumination. "Philips will be introducing its new solar powered LED Street and Area lighting solutions in Lagos this year", he added. More information about the program is available on the web site at

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