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5. července 2013 v 8:19 |  Led ceiling light
Today, its latest products can floodlight a football pitch.

The Ulverston firm, a pioneer of the led par light revolution, is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

The business has now supplied more than 500 million LEDs, many in assemblies designed and manufactured by its 100-strong British engineering and manufacturing team based in Ulverston.

Marl was formed in Ulverston in 1973 and originally distributed medical equipment and manufactured safety systems for the chemical industry.

It began design and manufacture of LED assemblies in the late 1970s when the products were required by the telecom and defence industries.

Some of the world's first solid state light bulbs were made by Marl in the 1980s.

Managing director Adrian Rawlinson said: "Marl, a pioneer in the technology, is ideally positioned to ride the crest of the LED wave.

"The secret of our success is that our products are designed, assembled, tested and shipped from one manufacturing complex in Ulverston.
led par light
"Marl continues to invest in its business, recently spending 270,000 to double manufacturing output and speed up the delivery of prototypes.

"Our manufacturing strength is such that customers are now asking us to design and build other electronic systems for them that don't include an LED light."

Marl's recent successes include a 100,000 project to install feature LED lighting at The Alnwick Garden, one of the UK's top visitor attractions adjoining Alnwick Castle - the home of the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland.

Clients include Amtrak, Eastman Kodak, British Energy and London Underground. And it has developed products for use on the Euro Fighter and Boeing 777 programmes.

Reflecting on the growth of the LED market, Mr Rawlinson said: "With 19 per cent of current global energy used for artificial light, we have to turn to more energy efficient sources.

"LEDs can now match any other available lighting technology for light output, and are greatly more efficient than incandescent, halogen and other lighting technologies.

"They at least match fluorescent and low energy CCFL lights for efficiency but are more robust, more controllable, have no warm-up period and can last two or three times as long.

"A well designed LED light fitting can provide 25 years' continuous illumination, becoming essentially a fit and forget item."

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