Excuse me, your lace is showing!

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A NUMBER of lingerie labels - both local and international - is joining in the fray. In Malaysia, La Senza is known to constantly offer fashion-friendly lingerie every season (an example is the brand's latest "Get Your Neon" collection, which is inspired by 2013's bright colours), while homegrown brand Petite Fleur is recommending its shapewear for formal evening functions.

Elsewhere, the state of undress was more overt. At Agent Provocateur's launch in Suria KLCC recently, a number of KL's beau monde was spotted upping the sex ante by appearing in skin-baring lingerie that would have no doubt left little to imagination. The flagship boutique is the British brand's first in Asia, offering a provocative and highly covetable range of lingerie alongside its other trademark products such as nightwear, swimwear, stockings and fragrances.

"It's not my first time wearing innerwear on the outside; I love it, I think it's very cheeky," chirped Sarah Lian. The actress, clad in a matching Agent Provocateur bustier-and-skirt set bedecked with lace and see-through panels, looked flawless despite the mall's merciless fluorescent lights.

Lian, however, claimed that she has her style limits. "Malaysia is still a conservative place, and you won't see me strutting around with a bra ... unless, of course, it doesn't look like a conventional bra."

Also present was television host and producer Xandria Ooi, who is also a big fan of donning outfits that are intended for the boudoir. Looking every bit like an Asian Dita Von Teese, Ooi paired her Agent Provocateur lingerie - a corset with a hint of lacy bra and sheer black stockings - with a modish Karl Lagerfeld blazer and playful, ruffled shorts. "Why would you keep all these beautiful, expensive lingerie in the bedroom? It should be shared with the world!" she cooed.

"I don't think our lingerie was originally designed to be worn on the outside," says Graham Markwick, head of business development of Sharaf Retail, the Dubai-based sole franchisee of Agent Provocateur. "But because of its beautiful craftsmanship, I think a lot of our costumers began seeing them as fashion pieces instead. Because our brand stands for empowerment and confidence, we naturally attract women who are both empowered and confident; she wouldn't let anyone dictate what she wears."

One such femme fatale is comedian Joanne Kam, who proved with her DIY corset-like top - fashioned ingeniously from a bodysuit, a diamante-studded bra and a mesh blouse - that one doesn't have to be whippet-thin to look amazing in a state of undress.

"When I look at lingerie, I don't see it as something to please a man; I look at it as something to incorporate into my wardrobe," says Kam. "For instance, you can always pair a diaphanous teddy with a jacket and heels for cocktail hour ,or you can even pair a lace corset with a long skirt to turn it into a formal evening dress."
Kam has also noticed a trend of late.

"There are women who turn up at my shows wearing corsets with tight jeans and heels ... and these are not young girls mind you, but women in their late 30s and 40s, who look amazing despite their age. It's all very empowering, " she says. More information about the program is available on the web site at www.indoorlite.com.

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