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Samsung might be a big name in smartphones and televisions, but when it comes to lighting they are still working on getting their name out there. The company has had products available for some time, but they've yet to differentiate themselves from the competition or deliver a lamp that was particularly notable. Samsung's newest offering for home buyers is the 13W A19, which is currently available at Lowe's for $30.

The 13W LED is a 60W-equivalent that runs at an indoor-friendly 2700K and produces 900 lumens (69 lumens per watt). It's omnidirectional, as you'd expect from an A19, but it is not Energy Star approved, meaning it won't qualify for discounts in certain areas and it doesn't have this seal of approval that many buyers look for. The lamp is rated for 25,000 hours, as is typical, and is dimmable. Other information is hard to find unless you have the packaging in front of you, but with it you can find the CRI (80) and details about cost savings.

On the exterior, Samsung went with a design that is extremely similar to the popular Lighting Science Group Definity A19, which combines a large heatsink with a flying saucer-like container for the LEDs on the top. The build is better then LSG's, with heftier aluminum on the heat sink and a nicer diffuser for the LEDs, but it's still what most consumers would consider to be an unconventional design. It also doesn't have a bulb-like design, as found in Cree's new LED lamps. The Samsung weighs 6.5 oz (186g), which is not unreasonable but it's a bit on the hefty side.

I've been testing the Samsung 13W LED for a few weeks and while it's gotten the job done, I can't see any compelling reasons to choose this bulb. The light quality is fine and I do like 2700K for home lighting. 900 lumens offers a nice increase in the brightness level compared to some other products - most 60W equivalents are 800 lumens (Energy Star guidelines call for a minimum of 800 lumens) so some people may appreciate the extra brightness while others won't want or need it. The Samsung 13W is quiet, has no perceptible delay when turned on, and is completely buzz-free. Also it seems very well built, but ultimately these are minor factors.

If you are in the market for a new LED bulb and you want a premium product, you can get Philips' L Prize Winner bulb for $28 right now. It also produces 900 lumens, but it does so while only consuming 10W. If you are like the vast majority of consumers and you mainly care about price, there are cheaper lamps out there, many of which are better products,. This includes the 60W-equivalent Cree which is $13 and offers a shape most consumers will prefer. Philips' redesigned A19 LED, which isn't cheap for what it is (yet, prices will drop) is still $25 for a 830 lumen, 11W lamp.

While Samsung's product isn't at all bad when viewed on its own, it has no unique benefits and can't stand up to the competition in 2013′s rapidly accelerating lighting market.

The new Cree LED light bulb 'is affordable, guaranteed for 10 years, and saves 84% more energy than the standard incandescent bulbs.' It's right up Ian's alley. You do know he runs and helps fund his own environmental action nonprofit--right?

You can check out a sweet shot of Ian posing with one of these new light bulbs by clicking on the Just Jared link above. Is it any wonder Nina Dobrev finds him so incredibly appealing?

Is it such a great idea to have someone like Ian Somerhalder touting the merits of an environmentally friendly light bulb? No one will notice the product, as they'll be far too busy staring at The Vampire Diaries star.

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